Our Stroy - TraQ

The Road
To Traq

The journey to TRAQ started over 2 years ago, when a group of forward thinkers in the Watches and Wearables Division of Titan envisaged a new era of smart fitness gear in India. Over the years, our team worked tirelessly alongside designers, engineers, developers and users to build a performance gear that could sit proudly on the wrists of those who are ready to outperform despite the odds. And thus,

traq_logo TRAQ was born.

Made to
with You

TRAQ is the first ever smart gear developed by Titan and made exclusively for India’s outperformers. The device was conceptualized in-house at our design studios in Bangalore. It boasts of amazing features that push you to be your best including an in-built GPS, transflective display, ANT+ compatibility, heart rate monitoring and much more. TRAQ is multi-sport enabled, so whether you run, swim or pedal, TRAQ’s got your back. The TRAQ App further helps you to outperform with advanced performance data, setting goals, connecting with friends and more.



At TRAQ, we believe your biggest competition is yourself. That's why this performance gear is super tough, so that it endures your hardest challenges alongside you. It has an ultra-strong build to accompany you on the farthest of roads and the deepest of waters. And most importantly, it is built to win, so that you can outperform your yesterday, every day.